Project Description

Yarra Valley Water

Helping to instill water saving habits that will last a lifetime.

In 2020, Yarra Valley Water revamped its primary education program to have a greater focus on water conservation. The curriculum-aligned incursion program centred around the fantastic story of four Water Watchers, a squad of intergalactic water crusaders who have been forced to flee their own planet.

The revamped program was well received and YVW soon decided to expand on the face-to-face experience with a digital offering, as part of a long-term strategy aimed at adding flexibility and reach to the education program, and better positioning the organisation to instil positive water saving habits that will last a lifetime. We are thrilled to be working with YVW on this next phase of the project.

The brief offers a very exciting opportunity to continue to bring the highly playful Water Watchers story to life, building awareness and affection among the target audience

Properly leveraged, Welly, Washy, Wavy and Wade can engage students on an emotional level, helping to convince them that small behavioural changes can have a big impact. We will also shift the focus of the water conservation mission to students own lives – requiring them to collect, record and review measurable data within their own homes.

The project is kicking-off with a co-design process involving teachers, program facilitators and stakeholders, and is due for completion before the end of the year.

What we’re doing

  • Co-Design Facilitation
  • Program Design
  • Content Creation
  • Technical Development
  • Pilot Program