Deeper Richer is a constantly evolving creative studio. We take great delight in creating meaningful experiences, content and products that help people see the world in new ways.

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A love of storytelling is at the heart of our practice, and we have a long history of creating projects that engage audiences across both digital and physical spaces.

We also have extensive experience designing and developing high-impact learning experiences, always looking for new ways to deepen engagement and ignite the imagination.

More recently, we have become interested in building stories that people can step inside of – such as interactive installations, immersive experiences and museum projects. Multi-sensory events in physical spaces that provoke curiosity, ideas and emotions; helping to shift perceptions about the world we inhabit. We can’t think of anything more meaningful than that.

Deeper Richer is led by Duncan Imberger, who has spent the last 20 years working across the arts, publishing, screen production, digital media and experience design sectors. 

Our capabililties:

  • Ideation & Concept Development
  • Experience Design
  • Media Design
  • Original Content Production
  • Interactive Design & Development
  • VR & AR
  • Learning Design
  • Physical Design

How we work:

  • Collaboration is key to what we do, and we thrive in the messy early stages of a project – always interrogating, experimenting, and reimagining what’s possible.
  • Our clients say we’re smart, strategic and playful. They like us because we challenge conventional thinking.
  • We draw on a talented band of associates – including designers, storytellers, artists, technologists, game developers, historians, musicians, fabricators and educators – to build teams tailored to the specific needs and demands of each project.
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We attract diverse briefs across the cultural, education and brand landscapes.