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Our 3D animation series, featuring their much-loved mascot Healthy Harold and two brand new characters, helped Life Education consolidate its reputation as an essential health education provider for young Australians.

We’ve had the good fortune to develop various rich media experiences for Life Education, a fantastic organisation that has been empowering young people to make safer and healthier choices since 1979. Their programs reach and engage more than 700,000 Australian school students each year.

Our initial engagement involved designing five highly interactive health modules for junior primary students – tackling subjects such as hygiene, nutrition, personal safety, physical activity, body systems, friendship and personal relationships. The story-driven modules had to be delivered in numerous different contexts – including mobile learning centres, school classrooms, online and at home.

The project involved the creation of more than 160 pieces of original content in the space of seven months – working across 3D animation, video, interactive digital and print, and meeting a range of very specific technical requirements. It also allowed us to really experiment with the “fourth wall” in digital media, and interaction between digital and physical spaces. For example, in one activity designed for the live sessions, students are able to uncover a hidden object (a set of lungs) on a large screen by running faster and faster on the spot. Linking the students’ physical and emotional feelings (generated by running on the spot) with the learning content on the screen (body systems), has proven to be a highly immersive, engaging and effective learning experience. 

Most recently, we helped Life Education create a new learning module that equips year 5 & 6 students with knowledge, skills and strategies to develop safe and respectful relationships, face-to-face and online.

Following a lengthy co-creation process, we devised a central creative concept called A Show With Bethany. It’s a highly engaging seven-part video series presented by a passionate young woman who wants to make the world a better place by helping others build stronger relationships with the people around them.

As well as the video series, we also created numerous pre-visit activities, a raft of interactive resources, and an integrated student workbook. The new program was rolled-out in schools across the country in 2018.

What we did

  • Concept Development
  • Learning Design
  • Character Development
  • Script Development
  • Casting
  • Video Production
  • Digital Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management

“Deeper Richer developed a raft of highly engaging educational content for our unique learning environment: exciting, colourful, fresh and fun! The vivid 3D animation series, starring our mascot Healthy Harold, has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of young students around Australia.”

– Lisa Woodward, Life Education Australia