A Deeper Richer Project

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A prominent Melbourne school asked us to help them reimagine what a Year 9 Science program can look like.

They wanted to create a best-practice example of innovative science teaching through the use of digital technology, to stimulate greater engagement with and understanding of the science curriculum through narrative, and to engage students in self-directed scientific inquiry.

project t-34
high school interactive learning

Our response was Project T-34 – a transmedia learning adventure based on a theme of war.

Presented in five acts across ten weeks, it’s an immersive story driven experience involving numerous points of inquiry. Designed to invite curiosity and discovery, the story  plays out across multiple platforms – including live events, video, web portals, online, social media, augmented reality, smart phones and printed materials.

The key protagonist in the story is a little-known global outfit called Project T-34, charged with expediting scientific developments that will help end global conflict. However, there is growing concern among some observers (collectively known as the Bohr Collective) that Project T-34’s true agenda may be more complex and sinister than it first appears.

The story begins when one of Project T-34’s Australian servers is hacked and a specific document stolen. The document contains a crucial piece of code from a revolutionary research project with the potential to radically diminish technologies of violence.

What we did

  • Ideation & Concept Development